How To Break Up a Couple Spell

How to break a couple up spell

While I have already made it clear that there are situations when I support spells to break up a couple, I will still emphasize that before you decide to use such a spell, I want you to ensure that no one will get hurt. Why? Because hurting someone else for no justification could attract the wrath of Karma, and you certainly do not want to be on the wrong side of Karma.

How to make a couple break up spell

There are different ways of making a couple break up using a spell. However, before I go into much detail about this, I want first to hear what your reasons are for wanting to cause the breakup. Once both you and I are agreed that your ideas are pure, I would be glad to guide you through.

How to break up a married couple spell

Marriage is a divine institution. This is the reason why I always advocate for it to be treated with reverence. No one has a right to break a marriage except the two people who are part of that marriage through mutual consent. However, I see a lot of people who tell me that their marriages have turned into hell on earth and they are finding it impossible to get out of them. These are the people that I am always waiting to help. If this describes you, why don’t you send me an email without any further waste of time?

Egg spell to break up a couple

Egg spells don’t break up a couple but cause attraction. Hence, I often advise people who have lost their lovers to someone else to use the spells to attract their exes back using such spells. If the spell leads to a break up between your ex and their new lover, well no one can blame it on you. Anywhere, who cares as long as you have your lover back?

Powerful Spell to break up a couple

If you are in a toxic relationship and want to break up with your lover, there are some free spells that I have in my book which you could find helpful. However, I only reserve these for those who genuinely are unable to pay anything. If you lie that you are not able to pay when you can, the spell will not work. While you can cheat people, there is no way you will be able to trick the universe.

Simple spell to break up a couple

I know that there are some simple spells to break up a couple around, but I will still advise you never to use them without consulting someone who is knowledgeable about these issues, like me. Once a spell is in motion, it is often quite difficult to stop it as well as using a revenge spell to hurt an enemy.

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