Dark Magic spells

Dark magic spells

I know that there is a lot of controversies linked to dark magic spells and many people are quite confused about what they are. In most cases, when people speak about dark magic spells, they’re talking about those spells that lead to results that are not so holy. Dark magic spells are sometimes referred to as black magic spells.

Real dark magic spells that work

Let’s start by looking at the reason why real work are referred to as such. Dark magic is the opposite of white magic. While white magic is made to influence a situation, dark magic spells are associated with taking control of the situation. This is the reason why many people that come to me looking for help insist that they want white magic as opposed to dark magic as their intention is not to control but rather to influence.

 Magic spells and curses

I am sure that my explanation above has shown you why these spells are often associated with curses. Curses are not meant to influence the way things go; they are intended to take control of a situation and lead to results that are often not desirable. I always warn people that I help that they must stay away from dealing in Voodoo, particularly when it comes around with curses as this could backfire poorly on them.

Real dark magic spells

So, are these spells wrong on their own? The answer is no, as nothing can be wrong on its own. Something only becomes wrong when misused by a person. A gun sitting there could be both good and bad. Bad in that it can kill an innocent person and good in that it can protect a family from an intruder who wants to hurt them. The same applies to dark magic, it can be used to destroy, and it can also be used to protect.

How to learn dark magic spells

Like anything else in life, if you want to learn voodoo, you would want to start by finding someone who is experienced in the art. To learn, you have to submit yourself to that person and ensure that you do as they say. Allow them to teach you, for they have walked that road before and they know which pitfalls you are likely to meet on the way.

Spells dark magic

As I have already indicated, spells should never be used for selfish reasons. I often turn down people who come to ask if I could assist them to use spells of Magic to break up a couple they are jealous of. Some people ask whether they can cast a spell of destruction on a friend just because that friend has become more successful in life than them. If a professional spell caster is willing to assist people to do things like that, I would advise you to stay away from them.

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